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New website! More videos!

2024-06-30 Sun 12:23

It's taken some time to get this sorted, but I've finally migrated the website from a static implementation of a site, to... ...another static site generator I designed years ago for my personal website. The design is much improved, I think. We'll see how long it lasts.


Regardless, there's more content coming! Since I've finished one game, Nybbles: Legend of the Drunken Snake, and had a very successful sale at the Vintage Computer Festival Southwest, I'm planning on making another 100 packaged units of the game and selling them at the Vintage Computer Festival Midwest in September! Keep an eye out for a table with a Commodore 128 wedge and two monitors running the game!

The plan is that once I've sold out at Midwest, I'll see about making the game available in a less packaged version (SD card only with the manual PDF on the card) online in the store above. The rationale here is that making the "fancy" packaged units takes a great deal of time and effort on my part, but I still want to make the game available to others that couldn't be there to nab a copy. I may also entertain selling on itch.io later.

The long and the short of it is, don't worry about missing out too much! It'll still be available soon!


I've been on haitus for a while on the YouTube channel primarily due to work. Expect this to change! I have a bunch of stuff coming with tons of footage put together, so it's just a matter of hanging in there and more videos will be posted soon.