We don't just play games, we make them!


If you'd like to do a collaboration with me in a video, invite me to speak at your show, or just hang out, you're more than welcome to contact me and pitch the idea. In general, I try to keep things relevant to the subject matter, though, so if it involves a commercial thing or some kind of non-vintage computer subject matter, I might not be interested.

You can contact me using the links at the top or bottom of the page. We might be able to work something out, regardless!

Acceptable Logo Usage

I'm sad I have to lay these ground rules out explicitly, but I've had problems with VCFed coopting my logos in the past for commercial gain without asking for permission up front.

So here's the details:

I live and work in the United States, and create the YouTube series and all materials related to it in the United States. As such, all of these works are implicitly copyrighted by me, All Rights Reserved. This means you don't get to use it for any reason without permission.

No usage of my logos is acceptable without prior written permission. This means you may not use the N&B logo, the word marks "NYBBLES AND BYTES", my Cheeser logo, or the word marks "NYBBLES AND MOUSEBYTES", or my likeness without requesting permission from me up front first. If I don't give you express written permission, you are NOT allowed to use it for any purpose (fair use notwithstanding).

If I've donated to your cause or participated in your show, this does NOT allow you to use my logos or likeness carte blanche -- you must send me copies of the intended use as well as information as to where it will be used and for what purpose. I may ask you for more details and a proof of whatever material you plan to use the logos in before I give permission. Not providing a proof lowers your chances of getting it, so please acquiesce if I ask -- I want to make sure the logo looks right if I do give permission to you.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are my logos to be used on ANY merchandise or materials that will be sold commercially, no matter if the purpose is to raise funds for a non-profit or otherwise, without prior written permission from me. Doing so will result in IMMEDIATE LEGAL ACTION.